E-Commerce Market, Platforms and effectiveness


Nowadays, e-commerce is becoming the most popular method of making money online without having a physical address. Also the beauty of e-commerce is that it lets owners sell products to many people across the globe as long as there is a reliable internet servive and a trust-worthy  shipping facility.

We encourage your business to  benefit from the growing popularity of online shopping. To help you get started with your e-Commerce website and venture, we utlilize the most popular e-commerce programs to help you own  an online store regardless of your  programming or web design experience. In other words, we design your e-commerce websites so that you can update your products and services without worrying about a knowledge of commputer programming or how to write or mess with HTML codes and other computer jargon.

There are many  comparison website sites  dedicated to helping you find the best e-Commerce platforms for your online shop. But most of these platforms hold you bondage by requiring monthly payments in order to maintain your store front on the internet. 

Over the past several years, e-commerce has transformed how people buy and sell on the internet. The Internet provides a fast and easy way for people to purchase items  without  visiting an actual store especially during inclement weather conditions or jammed-pack travel bottlenecks during the rush holiday reasons. An online store can reach customers anywhere in the world. As a matter of fact, online shopping has become so popular that many vendors sell only online without a  physical location. E-commerce also facilitates the purchase of digital media such as downloadable music and movies with fast immediate delivery.  

Today's top e-commerce site builders take all of these factors into account. Many programs are designed to accommodate the sale of both physical and downloadable products. Additionly, online businesses are quickly evolving for steep competition that encourages  the offering steeper discounts, flat-rate shipping, loyalty programs, and other perks to attract customers. Many e-commerce site builders make it easy to run promotions for customers happiness and satifactions. 

Unfortunately,  the boom in online sales has also opened a potential avenue for fraud and scams. Luckily,  e-commerce platform builders  have managed to stay ahead by offering top-notch and top-of-the-line site protection and payment security to keep the online marketplace as safe as possible.

Advantages of using our e-Commerce tool:

One of the greatest advantages of using our e-commerce design is that we design your  e-commerce store for you and  offer it free for you to run without using your store as our advertising medium like the other commercial site builders do.

Some of the most popular e-commerce builders out there charge monthly fees for band with storage(hosting)  as well as a fee for transction made to use their platform. Some of these popular platforms are Volution with a minimum monthly hosting fee of  $15. Others include Shopyfy($29/month); BigCommerce($26.95/month); Web.com($6.95); Wix($16.17/month); Pinnacle($29.95/month); Squarespace($8.00/month); Yahoo ($10.95/month); 3dcart ($16.99/month) and Shoppingcart($10.00/month).


What You Need To Know Before Launching An Online Store?

e-commerce site builders are  programs or platforms  that lets you build, customize, and run an online store. Great and complete e-commerce solutions come bundled with the tools  for  entire process: hosting, design, pricing and payment options, marketing tools and reports.

The first consideration is to determine  how much merchandize(products)  you want to  sell. If you anticipate a heavy traffic volume, an e-commerce solution that offers lots of online storage space, inventory, and bandwidth is the ideal option to consider. 

The Next decision is  on the level of customization you want to. Many e-commerce site builders offer attractive and pleasing  ready-to-use templates.  The more sofisticated others come with HTML codes for more seasoned or advanced web designers and developers. In either case, the most important features   to check for are the  "must-have"  elements  such as payment module, payment security and an organized sales reports. 

Note that, all e-commerce builders are not created equal. As a result,  not all website builders will offer the same options, and some may charge for extras for other valuable necessities. For that reason,  make sure that the platform of choice  provides  an ample  payment and shipping options for customers, and intensively look closely for  tools such as the ability to create loyalty programs,  incentive programs, discounts or gift-wrap options.

Finally, always strive to use  a program that is user-friendly to you and  easy to use by your clients, especially a program with exceptional  customer support team. A great-designed e-commerce builder should provide a seamless integration with simplicity, effectiveness and functionality. This will facilitate you with unique opportunity to harness more time running your business profitably than waisting time figuring out the complexity in the program or platform. 


The E-Commerce Essentials To Watch Out For:

Storage Space (bandwith):

Some e-commerce site builders put a cap on your sales, so choose one hat offers you the flexibility for  inventory space and bandwidth to fit your growing needs.

Safety Protocols:

Choose a program that offers fraud protection and Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption. This is for the protection of you and your customers. SSL technology makes it possible to send online payments securely and is a must-have on all e-commerce sites.

Site Design:

Above all, your e-commerce solution should have a user-friendly interface for you and your customers. The functions of each tool should be clean, clear and it should be easy to select any  desired options. A top-notch e-commerce platform  should  make it easy to build a functional online store. A functional,  extensive and robust knowldge based FAQ and customer support team can make a ton of difference. Always put into consideration,  the needs of your customers by putting yourself in their shoes. Using well-designed menus, filters, and sorting options capabilities will minimize the amount of time it takes to find a product for  instant purchase. Consider also the "look and feel" of e-commerce websites. Many e-commerce site builders offer professionally-designed templates that are both pleasing with eye-popping  elegance to improve or enhanse  a customer's overall shopping experience or comfort. Much  like in a physical store, cluttered and disorganized displays  discourage  and  frustrate customers from  making purchases.  On the other hand,  a streamlined and well-displayed items without clutter  tend to encorage the exponential purchasing of customers.