Custom Design

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Customizing or building anything such as websites, cars, palnes and homes can be a daunting experience for individuals and many smalll and large companies

Most times, building a custom website  can be downright frustrating and  time consuming. Consequently a lot  of people do not know how to begin. Often people pursue different pathways such as  hiring Computer Programmers to customize or develop a design or others carrying  out an  in-depth search for their dream  website design and developemnt  or spending endless time looking for Website gurus with  development track records. These different pathways  may eventually turn futile and non-productive and expensive.


But website project owners can alleviate their confusion or wasteful time and money expenditure by  dealing directly with LiWeb  that offers FREE consultation, developement, customization and affordable services to streamline the process in a  seamless fashion. This is a win-win approach that offers valuable insight and knowledge of the custom website design industry, to sidetrack  design and construction pitfalls and obstacles.

We are expert in databases, Content Managements Systems(CMS) of all types, Wordpress, Drupal and PHP.